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Published on November 2, 2006 By vStyler In OS Customization


 In looking through the screenshots thread i have noticed a considerable number of people do not have font smoothing turned on on their PC. Thesedays some of the new fonts such as calibri, candara used in themes (including most of mine)are designed for use with font smoothing turned on, Turning it on will DRASTICALLY in my opinion improve useability and overall appearance of your screen.

Its easily accessed by going into your Display Properties Appearance Tab and clicking the effects button...Choose Clear Type from the dropdown list, click ok and see what a difference it makes !!

This may have been posted before but its such an important part of customizing to me perhaps its worth a second mention.

note: If you are using my VECTRA theme its almost a neccesity to have font smoothing turned on for it to appear correctly.

on Nov 03, 2006
I gotta agree man. I recall, years ago, reading an article that referred to Clear Type as one of the most overlooked features of XP.

I love it. It makes such a huge difference in the comfort experience of using my computer.
on Nov 25, 2006
well, im glad one person noticed it..lol i couldnt go an hour with Cleartype turned off.. honestly i dont know why it doesnt come turned on as default thesedays.

on Nov 26, 2006
While I prefer having ClearType turned on, too, it does create some issues with skinning owner-drawn menus. They can be overcome, but at the cost of some limits to your creativity. I also wish SkinStudio had a true WYSIWYG preview that displayed in ClearType, but not a huge deal.
on Feb 18, 2007
I also wish SkinStudio had a true WYSIWYG preview that displayed in ClearType, but not a huge deal.

yeah that would be rather nice..lets start a petition.   
on Feb 18, 2007
It'll be pushed more with Vista having it on by default as well as IE7 that renders with ClearType on by default as well regardless of system setting.
on Feb 18, 2007
I use MS's ClearTypeTuner because my monitor doesn't behave well with regular ClearType, so I can adjust it accordinly to look good. At first I thought clear type just made things blurry, but it really does make an improvement.
on May 01, 2007
Public service Bumpo  
on May 02, 2007
Bebi: You using CRT?
on May 02, 2007
Nope, 19 inch LCD.