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is it being worked on?
Published on August 11, 2008 By vStyler In Forum Issues


  Just wondering.. since the new forums were introduced..quite a while ago,  the recent posts hasn't worked correctly.. I come everyday expecting sooner or later it will work.. as of now.. I \ we have to go to Main or Gallery page for the Recent Forum Activity to work.. a while back even it wasn't working and again..today it isn't working again.

Considering to me at least this is one of the most useful and important features it would be nice to know if its going to be fixed or not as it is really a pain to have to navigate all over site to use it efficiently.


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on Aug 11, 2008
Are you talking about on the sidebar?  Or at the bottom of the main forum page?  Or somewhere else?
on Aug 11, 2008
"recent forum activity" on the front page of wc hasn't changed for me in the last few days.
on Aug 11, 2008
the sidebar

Its what I and I believe everyone I know uses to navigate and keep track.

lord knows , I hear about it everyday from someone.  

Right now, Main Page, Gallery Page and Forums sidebar is not working at all.
on Aug 11, 2008
For me using FF3......

The main forum page http://forums.wincustomize.com/
under "Recent Posts" is always hours behind. In the morning shows post just prior to midnight but about 12 noon the next day it catches up to about 9:00am then sometime after 3:00 pm it will catch up to nearly noon. repeat cycle

When I use the "more recent posts" link I can see the actual current activity.

It's been this way for several months and I assumed it was common for everyone due to the site upgrades. I am aware that FF3 is/was not a "supported" browser.

Now I wonder if there's not something about my account causing it. I still can only rarely rate skins even though I'm logged in. I can't change the current desktop on my site either.
on Aug 11, 2008
You know what guys?
On Saturday, the "Recent Forum Activity" links were like 2 days old. At first I thought everyone's playing "Finish the sentence" and checking the "Impulse Support Thread", etc, but then I realized that the other posts remained there too.
Some time later when I re-visited WC, I got a Service Unavailable written on the page in bold black Tahoma, with no background.
After a couple of F5's, I left it for a while to check on later.
I did check later and it apparently loaded fine. Everything was there, except that the front page had absolutely different articles like Forum Maintenance and Ask a Moderator posts by ID.
The date was February 11 or something of earlier this year. I wonder why that happened?
I'm using FF3, but there's no reason that WC travels back to February to show me completely unknown threads, etc. I wasn't even a member then!

BTW, there were some very nice Valentine skins, and I got to do some browsing
on Aug 11, 2008
Same thing here for ages, months. Recent posts is pretty good on home page at times, but when you go to another page the recent posts are different than the page you were just on, no where even near close.
on Aug 12, 2008
on Aug 12, 2008
Moving to the correct forum so andrew_ can hate us more
on Aug 12, 2008
Silly.. andrew loves everyone.. its obvious.   
on Aug 12, 2008
He is Andrew....we are like the buzzing of flies to andrew
on Aug 12, 2008

I noticed this past weekend that the forums were showing stuff from February!

on Aug 12, 2008


That's the page I use for 'recent'....infact it's my primary URL for 'Wincustomize.com'.

Skin-surfing, etc is almost always via Admin anyway...

on Aug 12, 2008
"recent forum activity" on the front page of wc hasn't changed for me in the last few days.

Snidely....are you sure you are in the "today" mode? Had your morning coffee? You get your own special WC webpage?

How come I don't? (
on Aug 12, 2008
That's the page I use for 'recent'....infact it's my primary URL for 'Wincustomize.com'.

Thats what I have started using too, but...the point was the sidebar is broke.. to be able to come to Forums or Main page.. view 'all in one'.. is broke.. isn't it?
on Aug 16, 2008
Earth to WC devs..   

it would be nice to know if its going to be fixed or not...worked on?
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